– Advantageous location: located in district 12 and in densely populated area bordering to district Go Vap; just 15 minutes to come to air-port and 40 minutes to downtown; connect directly to national highway 1A with many industrial zones, university, export processing zones,.. and go straight to the border of Laos and Cambodia. Currently, the city is planning to implement the monorail system from downtown to near area of QTSC.

– Considered as the ideal destination for organizations and major corporations on IT in Vietnam and international. Our major clients are operating in QTSC ‘s buildings included Hexagon, Hitachi Consulting., KDDI Vinadata, TUV, FPT, etc. .

– Full facilities and services for working and living: 18 cafeterias, restaurants, 120 high glass service apartments, 18 villas; 3 banks; 1 post office; 1 football ground, 1 valleyball ground; 1 kinder garden; 5 bus routes from downtown to QTSC, ect.